1-1 mapping [Jul 21]

:raising_hand_man: lublak asked

Another question not ssl related.

Can i like a single column with another table 1:1?

I have a table with a number and description field. (descri_table)

I have my table that should have a column which alows to pick a data (dropdown) based on descri_table description. But it should use the numer for insert.

:man_bald: dstala replied

You can consider creating a table for number and description. Let’s call it option table.

From your source table, create a link (LTAR) for option table. You can establish link between source table & option table by using this field. Add another look-up in source table to display associated number from option table.

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

<@857998597474484295> it has only “many” options:


:man_bald: dstala replied

There is no explicit 1-1 mapping. We can use Single select column type, but then, we will not be able to get associated index

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

Would this be a feature request?

:man_bald: dstala replied

It can be a feature request. You can help us understand your use-case in detail when you request.

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

I have a table where numbers have to be entered. These number codes are stored in the database by another system with a description.



| number | description |

| ------ | ----------- |

| 890 | test |

| 840 | work |


Now I have a second table with inputs.



| somefield | anotherfield | code |

| --------- | ------------ | ---- |

| blabliblu | lala | 890 |


Of course, it is not pleasant to work with such numbers.

Therefore, a dropdown would be really cool which displays the description in the dropdown instead of the number (i.e. code_description_table.description). So link record but only with a single value.

With input_table.code, it would make sense to place a foreign key on code_description_table.number.

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