Cannot read properties of null (reading 'order')

I just created a new grid view in which I specified sorting on several parameters at once. But it didn’t work, so I deleted everything. By the way, I had to wait a long time while adding and deleting.

After that my database disappeared and there is an endless loading sign near it. When I click on the name of the base, I see an error:

“Request failed with status code 400”
In the background it says “500” in black on black.

And at the bottom right error “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘order’)”.

Sometimes I manage to stay on the selected base, but there is nothing in it, as if deleted. The history still exists though.

The database is hosted inside NocoDB and it looks like the problem is on their side. But I don’t understand how to fix it and get the database back.

can you help us by creating an issue here
please specify base info- you can copy from the base context menu
did you connect to external database?

The problem was resolved after contacting support via email.