Custom UI [Sep 01]

:raising_hand_man: ccoli asked

let me explain my situation. plz let me know if any solutions

I needed a custom ui. so I decided build (own my way) sdk, front, back for nocodb and I finally made it.

the thing is every nocodb image built, existed user account and projects are gone, I connected external db(postgre), so other data for project tables are fine as long as I recreated owner user and project and connected db connection.

but the problem that losing accounts and projects is quite critical.

the idea i’m thinking is projects and user accounts (and etc for adding user account on nocodb) added external db and with apis for get them.

when nocodb begin, check the users and projects data first through the extenal apis and if any, add the data to new nocodb

but I wish there is something else.

if any ideas, plz let me know the ideas.

thank you very much


now I got an idea. I just need to make default db to postgre when image built at first then everything is solved right??

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

have you defined NC_DB when u start the app

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

those meta data is stored in NC_DB . if you don’t specify it, then a local sqlite db will be created in your docker container. if you haven’t mounted the volume, then it will be lost whenever u restart it

:raising_hand_man: ccoli replied

ok thanks very much. u mean without volume, it will be lost anyway even though with NC_DB right?

thank u very much

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

u can check out our docker examples

GitHub - nocodb/nocodb: 🔥 🔥 🔥 Open Source Airtable Alternative

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