DATEADD shows "invalid formular"

I have
Column 1 [DateTime] “Ordering Time”
Column 2 [Number] “Driving Time” (Values between 120 to 300 minutes)

Column 3 [Formular] “Estimated Delivery Time”

I need
Column 3 should be “Ordering Time” + “Driving Time” as [DateTime]

I tried
DATEADD({Ordering Time}, ({Driving Time}/1440), ‘day’)

I get
Error Message “Invalid Formular”

I’d appreciate very much, if someone could help me with that :slightly_smiling_face:

The DATEADD Formular is not working at all in my NocoDB. It always gives error-msg “Invalid formular”. Even the example formular from the help-file. I tried NocoDB Installations with Docker and npm in Linux and Windows. I used SQLite.

I tried the DATEADD-Formular with a postgresql-database and it works perfect. It seems, that the DATEADD Formular is not working at all in a SQLite database. Can someone confirm that?

I found that the DATEADD formular

  • in SQLite is not working at all
  • in MySQL can only add full days (calculating hours or minutes is not possible)
  • in postgresql can calculate minutes and hours