Filter a cell containing two different words (not side by side) [Jun 21]

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium asked

Hello :wave: I’m a beginner in both spreadsheet & database & I want to clarify something when using the API: when I want to find a cell containing two different words (that are not side-to-side), what operators should I use? Do I have to use eq combined with and?

:man_bald: dstala replied

One way I could think of is by using 2x like with an and in between.

You will have to replicate the same over API

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

Thank you kindly!! I will try it, does the “Like” operator pick up words that include our search word? Say, if one of the words in the cell said “Amazonian” & we still search for “Amazon” will that cell still get picked up?

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:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

thank you for your help! I think a feature I’d like to request is to find a way so that if i use the “like” operator whenever I filter things, it picks up whole words instead of elements/parts of words? Like my example earlier, if I want to search “Amazon” in a cell full of other words but one cell spells it as “Amazonian” instead, that one cell shouldn’t be selected?

:man_bald: dstala replied

You can search for Amazon with a space suffix :: "Amazon "

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

oh okay that’s good news!!

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

Hello! I am back with a similar question (thus I feel hesitant to create a new thread): if I want to search a sentence (so a string containing spaces) in my table using the axios request, do I have to use the “” quotation mark at both ends of my strings?

I’m trying to list the rows in my table but i want that list to not include several rows who have a particular column-cell combination.

This is how the params looks like when I console log it:


where=(ID,lt,18)~and(Name,not,Marigold Company)~and(Name,not,Forager’s Daughter Company)~and(Name,not,Pacific Northwest Company)```

That gets put in: params: {where: params}

I also have tried encodeURI but my table list still includes those Name i want to exclude

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

Okay i have tried using escape() too so the tick mark in “Forager’s Daughter Company” became encoded but it still shows all the rows whose ID are below 18

:raising_hand_man: vibrantium replied

okay nevermind it’s solved! I just scrolled at the very bottom of this & just saw that for “not” it is formatted a little differently REST APIs - NocoDB

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