Formula with ID [Jun 10]

:raising_hand_man: Damir asked

I have small problem, perhaps you can help… I’m trying to make a formula, simply to put something like INVOICE-1 and use ID field to make sequence (INVOICE-1, INVOICE-2, INVOICE-3 etc… But INVOICE & {Id} in formula field in not working

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

CONCAT s a string function, which means you cannot put ID field

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

there’d be some enhancements for formula

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

You can track the issue here CONCAT formula · Issue #2304 · nocodb/nocodb · GitHub

Thank you Wing

:raising_hand_man: Damir replied

Ok, thanks a lot and keep on with good work

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