Getting Error: "Only 1000 records are allowed in your table, please upgrade your plan"

Just started using the SaaS version. Pretty buggy and feels half baked so far. Not giving up on it yet but hopefully it improves soon.

The latest issue I am trying to working through is the error: “Only 1000 records are allowed in your table, for more please upgrade your plan”

I got this when I was trying to add 2000 more rows to a DB table that already had 1000 rows and this popped up. No mention of a limit like this from what I saw when signing up. Any ways to getting past this?

Hey @stephen : thank you so much for trial-ing our cloud beta and reporting the error here (and github). We have resolved the issue and you should be able more than 2k rows.

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Great to hear. Best of luck with building out NocoDB.