Image Compression Methods for Uploads


Compression methods for uploaded files.


-People upload needlessly large files that take a long tim to upload and cost us more money
-This is especially true with PNG screenshots from macs … they can be compressed to 15% normal size
-We’re using Backblaze for file attachment storage and looking for a method that compresses after upload if a file is large … we also work to instruct team members to compress before upload but need a method to check files afterwards.
-Would be cool to have a Nocodb plugin that could handle somehting like this.

If you are using forms to upload images, NocoDB supports size based validations over attachment field. Form | NocoDB

Created an issue to track this 🔦 Feature: Image Compression Methods for Uploads · Issue #8865 · nocodb/nocodb · GitHub

I still feel though, this could be something that’s more in the blackblaze scope.

Another workaround for now could be - you run a script periodically to fetch records inserted recently (once in a week), retrieve their file size & if found above bounds - you can compress and upload.