Multiple many to many [Feb 05]

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ asked

Hi there! I haven’t found anything online on this matter, so I’m asking here.

Are there any plans or is there any interest to allow multiple many-to-many and multiple many-to-one relationships between the same tables? For a more complex project I was looking to use NocoDB for this seemed like a nifty feature, but right now I have to use Airtable for this reason.

Anyways. Thanks for the cool, great work done on this project. It’s on track to becoming a Swiss army knife.

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Can airtable do multiple many to many. Could you pls provide an usecase.

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

The idea is to create linkToAnotherRecord and use lookups

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

I’d gladly provide a usecase!

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

I’ll lay out the main idea and will then go on and explain how I can do what I need in Airtable but not in NocoDB.

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

The main ID is that on of our clients wants to build a CRM. One important use-case is logging reports.

Every report has one to two main administrative employees and might have a third employee assigned to it as a supervisor. The idea is that the supervisor can do error checking at certain fixed points without having to be too hands-on. E.g.: we automatically send emails to the supervisor before a reported project deadline.

We, as a company, prefer to use FLOSS solutions whenever possible and would gladly contribute back to NocoDB.

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

Now: how I can do this in Airtable but not in NocoDB (apart from the automation, of course).

:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

In Airtable I can just make a Reports-table and an Employees-table.

Then I can make a m2m-relation administrators and another one supervisors. Airtable will just create two seperate Linked Record- columns in Reports and Employees.

This way I can assign the same and multiple employees to different parts of the workflow. E.g.: the supervisor handles a report completely on his own and is hence both part of the administrators and supervisors.

We also want to keep record of who made a report. creator would then also link to Employees and Reports.

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:raising_hand_man: 7rozen_7ear_ replied

After half an hour I’ll document the issues we run against whilst trying this in NocoDB.

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