Newbie question: Self-hosted installation via Node.js doesn't seem to be working on shared hosting webserver

Hi there,
I have installed NocoDB following the instructions in the docs on my shared hosting server via node.js in a sub-folder which is reachable directly via a subdomain.

Starting the app seems to be working fine, the screenshot looks good. However, it tells me to access the app via http://localhost:8080/dashboard, which can’t be the case since this is hosted on a shared hosting server online.

When navigating to where NocoDB should be accessible (the subdomain which points to the sub-folder on the webserver), I get an “unable to connect” error message. I can access the index.js file via the web browser but this only outputs the plaintext code. I have tried to edit the path in the .env file and restarted the app, but nothing changed, or might have done it wrong.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get NocoDB to run?

For a bit more background info, this is how pm2 describes the NocoDB process that runs on the server:

Any help would be much appreciated!