Oracle cloud issue [Apr 05]

:raising_hand_man: PoisonFlame asked

Hi all, I’m trying to set up nocodb on my oracle free tier ampere instance via the docker route following the npm docker-compose file from github, and I’m not able to setup nocodb.

Looking into the docker logs, the error I’m getting is this.


<— Last few GCs —>

<— JS stacktrace —>

# Fatal process OOM in insufficient memory to create an Isolate

Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)


and the container just keeps restarting everytime after outputting this into the logs.

In terms of memory, this VM has 24GB memory and is only using 2GB so I don’t think the memory is the issue so I wasn’t sure if anyone else has encountered this or if anyone has any pointers as to what I should look to.

Thanks in advance!

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Surely memory is not the issue. NocoDB would be fine with as little as 128-256MB

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Fatal process OOM in insufficient memory to create an Isolate · Issue #1559 · nodejs/docker-node · GitHub

:raising_hand_man: PoisonFlame replied

Ah, yes, I came across that a little while after I made the post. I tried the possible solution as well as the stuff that person mentioned in the “Additional Information” and it does seem like its a node 12 alpine issue.

I’m now going through the git route (made a container using node:14-alpine as base that pulls and runs based on instructions here: GitHub - nocodb/nocodb-seed)

I updated the nocodb version in the package.json and I was able to get the service running but I’m now having issues with setting it up with postgres. It seems like it’s not communicating with postgres at all as I see no new tables created or any connection attempts in my postgres container. With that, I was able to create a user but I’m not sure where the credentials are being stored.

The way I’m connecting is by setting the NC_DB variable in my .env file which is in the root of the git project directory. My NC_DB is as follows: NC_DB=pg://db:5432?u=user&p=pass&d=nocodb

Also, somewhat separate from the above, but with the git installation route, which directories should I be backing up to save my data in case I need to reinstall or update the current install?

Thanks again.

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