Rich Text Questions

I’m populating a Rich Text field via API. I find that ## Heading looks like regular text in grid view, but <h2>Heading</h2> looks like a proper heading. Is that expected?

Also in grid view, the Expand button in a Rich Text field sometimes expands to the full width of the browser, and other times expands to a narrower width. Is there any way to control that?

Thanks, Richard

Hey Richard!
Can you add more details? Your browser, OS?
I tried on Google chrome browser, didn’t notice either of the issues discussed.
## Heading did work.

If you can add a screenshot for the latter observation, it will help.

Windows 10, Chrome Version 121.0.6167.161 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Seems like it works sometimes and sometimes not. A few minutes ago I couldn’t get ## Header to look like a header, now it does.

As for the edit width, sometimes it looks like this:

And sometimes it is full screen width (I’m not allowed to post two pics).

ok. will keep a note of this behaviour. if you can find a deterministic way of reproducing it, let me know