Showing Duration in Calendar view

Hi, does anyone know how to show a duration in Calendar view, I’m looking to setup the dbase so I can have a start and end date, but then I want to be able to show the duration in Calendar view. I’ve looked at Duration function, but that just gives me a number, any suggestions?

Create a new formula column : DATETIME_DIFF between the two date fields and then enable that field within in calendar view fields

Thanks very much Navi, its a start in the right direction, so I can get the duration in minutes now, but I want to show the duration on the calendar like below, any idea if this is possible?

Duration & date or time range is not supported in the current iteration.

Sorry it was not clear “show the duration on the calendar like below” - its already visible :slight_smile: - could you expand on what is missing ?

yes the blue line over the 7 days (604800 min) was drawn in manually to show what I wanted to do
But it seems like this is not supported yet, thanks dstala