Back-off restarting failed container [May 20]

:raising_hand_man: cirsten asked

Hi all

Have an issue installing via truecharts

Getting error of “Back-off restarting failed container”

Any idea?. Is there a prerequisite install needed before NocoDb. I saw a mention on nodejs, but unsure if that is needed in my case

Thanks in advance

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

can u run kubectl describe pod [name] to check the message

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

Do you mean in shell, of so, I get command not found

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

If so

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

im not familiar with truecharts. is there any place to check logs?

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

besides, can u share some steps how u installed?

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

True charts is a collection of installable app for the Truenas server software

It takes away the need for programming or command line access to install software

So I simply select nocodb from the list of apps and select install

I assumed it was created by some one from NocoDB to help people like me

I’ll see if I call get the logs

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

2022-05-19T14:29:16.314670726Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.24 e[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:16.317456622Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.31 e[0me[1mWelcome to the Bitnami redis containere[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:16.320177729Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.31 e[0mSubscribe to project updates by watching e[1m[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:16.322194564Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.32 e[0mSubmit issues and feature requests at e[1m[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:16.324799124Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.32 e[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:16.327122895Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.32 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> ** Starting Redis setup **

2022-05-19T14:29:16.358009726Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.35 e[0me[38;5;3mWARN e[0m ==> You set the environment variable ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes. For safety reasons, do not use this flag in a production environment.

2022-05-19T14:29:16.432542896Z e[38;5;6mredis e[38;5;5m14:29:16.43 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Initializing Redis

2022-05-19T14:29:16.447652298Z mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/opt/bitnami/redis/tmp’: Permission denied

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

2022-05-19T14:29:49.110522901Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.10 e[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:49.112258746Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.11 e[0me[1mWelcome to the Bitnami postgresql containere[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:49.114051448Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.11 e[0mSubscribe to project updates by watching e[1m[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:49.115865976Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.11 e[0mSubmit issues and feature requests at e[1m[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:49.117614653Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.11 e[0m

2022-05-19T14:29:49.208304249Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.20 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> ** Starting PostgreSQL setup **

2022-05-19T14:29:49.244218696Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.24 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Validating settings in POSTGRESQL_* env vars…

2022-05-19T14:29:49.252692390Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.25 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Loading custom pre-init scripts…

2022-05-19T14:29:49.444510948Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.44 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Initializing PostgreSQL database…

2022-05-19T14:29:49.487644679Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.48 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> pg_hba.conf file not detected. Generating it…

2022-05-19T14:29:49.490393656Z e[38;5;6mpostgresql e[38;5;5m14:29:49.48 e[0me[38;5;2mINFO e[0m ==> Generating local authentication configuration

2022-05-19T14:29:49.491563889Z /opt/bitnami/scripts/ line 222: /opt/bitnami/postgresql/conf/pg_hba.conf: Permission denied

2022-05-19T14:29:49.539583755Z /opt/bitnami/scripts/ line 39: /opt/bitnami/postgresql/conf/postgresql.conf: Permission denied

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

seems something wrong with permission on your server

:raising_hand_man: cirsten replied

Yep see that (now),0not sure how to change it though

I’m off to bed now.

I’ll trawl through truenas,/truechart forums again and see what I can find

Thanks for your help

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