Copy-paste: fails to copy to clipboard, why?

Hey there,
I am relatively new to NocoDB. Managed to set up a self-hosted version and try to copy-paste data from external sources to my base but it doesn’t work. Even within NocoDB, I can’t seem to copy-paste multiple cells from one column to the next (message: Failed to copy to clipboard).
What am I missing here? Browser is Arc if that helps…

@Gabrielle Can you try over chrome once? I am over chrome and works fine for me. What Operating system are you on?

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Just tried in Chrome, same issue. I am on MacOS 13.5.2. Will update to MacOS 14.0 later today and try again. Anything else I could check in the meantime?

Does it work for you when you use just trying to narrow down if issue is something specific to browser or mode of installation of NocoDB.

It seems related to the mode of installation as it’s working fine in
On my own server, it fails in Safari, Chrome and Arc.
I seem to be able to copy-paste one cell after the other but not more.

How do I fix it?

Not much clue. Is this happening for a specific datatype or in-general for any type?

For any type.
Also, I am trying to invite myself to the base using another account. Despite the right email and invite link being used, it’s telling me the invite url is invalid :frowning: any clue what could be the issue?
Finally, how do I remove the pagination to view the data on a scroll (and not only 25 records at the time?

For pagination, NocoDB doesn’t support infinite scroll. You can change pagination limit using environment variable DB_QUERY_LIMIT_DEFAULT