Moving the data from staging to production [Jun 29]

:raising_hand_man: zblesk asked

What is a good way of moving data between NocoDB instances without losing data or metadata?

I have some data in my staging environment - both from existing tables (created without NocoDB) and from Airtable. I have cleaned them up in the DB.

Now I would like to move them to the production NocoDB instance, but I dunno how best to do that.

Seems if I just export/import them on the DB level, I will lose all the metadata like column types.

Tried going via csv export/import, but that doesn’t seem better, and it seems to be impossible to retain references between tables.

How to do this?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

if all your tables were on NC_DB - it will be a simple pg_dump… you could give that a try

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