What are the rules around making a nocodb app and selling it?


I am just wanting to enquire about creating an app and selling it using the Nocodb branding.
I am in the process of making something for me to use at work, but would like to possibly turn this into an app for app app store.

Since it would reference the Nocodb name, I don’t want to get into any legal trouble and the name is really only used so users would know what the data source would be if they use the app.

Is there any information around this?


@jwknz We would like to understand more about application that you are building & its use case. Could you DM us on discord? You can find me as “Dstala | NocoDB Team#4285”

Hi - thanks for the reply, I have send a friend request to send you a DM.
I am JWKNZ#6978