Unable to set lookup field despite Linked field existing

Hey everyone,
I’d like to display lookup fields for a linked field.
Linked field works fine but when trying to set up a lookup field, it tells me there are no supported links.

From the documentation, I’d expect to be able to choose the linked field it relates to but for some reason I can’t…

What am I missing? (I am on the free plan in a browser)

Lookup fields are available only for Belongs-to relational links in hosted cloud version. The additional processing complexity for Has-many and Many-to-many relational links outweighs the benefits of having lookup fields for these links. OSS will continue to support lookup fields for all relational links.

You have created a many-to-many relation. And lookup’s are not supported on these.

Oh what a pity :frowning: do you believe this feature will be supported anytime soon?
I have built a number of apps in Airtable and lookup fields for many-to-many relations are a aspect of creating something functional.
In the present case, I have a list of therapists that take care of patients, each patient can have several therapists and each therapists takes care of several patients.
How would you suggest to amend my base structure to have the ability to reflect the right informations in the right places?

If I move to a self-hosted solution, will that support the lookup fields for the many-to-many?

On the grid, given the space - lookup cell can only show limited information. And use of lookups in general adds a lot to operational overhead impacting performance.

Hence, we introduced Links field. In NocoDB, this shows number of related records (rollup count) by default. And on clicking displayed count, you can get paginated information of the relations associated with this record.

Give it a try. We will be happy to know if this suffice your use case. Or you would still prefer lookups in older way?

I need to be able to filter and make views based on the content of lookup fields so just the Links field is unfortunately not enough.

If I move to a self-hosted solution, will that support the lookup fields for the many-to-many?

Yes. I am sorry, I overlooked that query earlier.

No worries, happy to move towards self-hosted, it will be needed down the line in any case :slight_smile:
thx for your help!

@Gabrielle We had a discussion internally & decided to bring back Lookup’s over has-many and many-to-many fields. We should have it soon in cloud.

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That’s awesome! Thx a lot for taking my point of view in consideration :slight_smile:

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